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3 Signs Your Startup Has a Scaling Problem

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Scaling a business is no small feat. As you grow, the complexities of managing your company multiply. In this article, we'll delve into three telltale signs of operational scaling problems and their real-world implications. These challenges underscore the significance of a well-thought-out operational strategy in navigating growth.

You’re the Bottleneck

Remember when it was just you running the show? Your company has come a long way since then, with 20+ employees and department heads to boot. But here's the catch: you're still juggling everything. You start each day with a daunting inbox and a calendar packed with back-to-back meetings. That key project you're overseeing? It's stalled, and you wonder why. You reach out to the project lead and find out they need your approval on pricing. You panic as you realize you've unintentionally become the bottleneck for your team. This cycle repeats, and you find yourself stuck, unable to focus on strategic initiatives like entering new markets or tackling competitors.

Your M&A Isn’t Going Smoothly

The merger was supposed to be a game-changer, promising faster growth and more resources. However, reality hits hard. Your IT team informs you that the tool you love using to track metrics is duplicative and it’s too expensive to keep both and the other has more robust integrations. Okay, that’s fair, not a big deal, you’ll just dedicate some time to learning this new tool. Then you get a call from the CEO, “Your team isn’t responsive”, you huddle with your team and find out the other team sends emails when they need things urgently, but your team uses Slack for emergencies. Annoying, but we’ll figure it out. As you try to figure out the new organizational structure, your leads say they think they should lead the newly combined departments, afterall they have more industry experience, you agree. You talk to the CEO, she believes her team should lead because they have better technical abilities. The merger, which once seemed like an answer to all your problems, suddenly feels like a murky path forward. You're left wondering if it was a mistake and how you'll collaborate effectively moving forward.

Lack of Accountability

You've expanded your team to handle the influx of clients you're getting, and initially, it seemed like deadlines weren't a major concern. After all, you hired a motivated, talented, and capable team. You set tasks with deadlines, but flexibility reigned supreme, after all, you trust your team and their ability to prioritize and manage their time. However, recently, deadlines have been slipping, impacting client commitments significantly. When you investigate, you discover a worrying pattern: multiple team members experienced delays, leading to substantial project setbacks. You address the issue sternly, but it repeats. You're left questioning whether your team's motivation has dwindled, or if maybe they were not as capable as you initially thought.

How We Can Help

In these scenarios, the absence of a well-structured operational strategy is causing significant challenges for your business.

At Faye Almeshaan Consulting, we not only specialize in resolving these exact issues, but we’ve also faced them when we scaled companies ourselves. We work with clients to regain control, streamline operations, and scale effectively.

Ready to take the first step toward operational excellence? Book a call with us here, and let's discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals. Don't let operational scaling problems hold your business back—let's tackle them together.

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